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For Breathing Problems, Colds, Sinus, Asthma, Hayfever, Bronchitis, Allergies...

Effective Remedy for Sinus Congestion, Colds/Flu, Sinus Congestion, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hayfever, Dust Allergies, Pollution Allergies.

10 Sachets £8.95
How Can Remedy Box - Breathe Easy Help?

Effective Remedy for ::

  • Sinus Congestion
  • Cold / Flu
  • Sinus Congestion
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Hay Fever
  • Dust Allergy
  • Pollen Allergy
  • Pollution Allergy
The Benefits of Remedy Box - Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy helps neutralise the effects of harmful germs; allergens and pollution in the air to promote healthy breathing.

Breathe Easy can be very effective during high pollen/allergen season or to ease respiratory discomfort during winter months. Inhalation helps clear blockages, improves breathing and protects from aerosol germs.

Inhalation can be effective during journeys in crowded public transport, planes or places of aerosol pollution.

Method of Use

Take out and unfold the tissue infused with 100% pure essential oils and inhale the vapours encircling the nose.

Repeat as necessary for clear easy breathing and bronchial health. BREATHE EASY - Inhaling Tissues contains 10 single inhalation tissue sachets.

How Remedy Box - Breathe Easy Works

Chamberlain did the first scientific research on the antiseptic properties of essential oils from aromatic plants in 1887.

He tested the action of some natural essential oils, either as vapour or as emulsions, on spores and filaments of anthrax bacteria. Shortly after, Cadeac and Munier carried out a series of trials with essential oils (Annales de l’Institut Pasteur).

Since then, numerous physicians and chemists have studied the bactericidal action of the vapours of aromatic essential oils.

Essentials oils have been widely proven to destroy totally, over a period of few hours, germs as tubercle bacillus, typhoid bacillus, proteus, bacillus pyocyaneus, staphylococcus aureus, haemolytic streptococcus, etc.

In addition, the beneficial action of essential oils is also very significant for the nasal cavities and respiratory tract. They act as powerful preventative and curative agent in the cases of flu or infectious epidemics, colds and bronchitis.

Multi Purpose Usage
  • Clears Blockages & Improves Breathing
  • Defence Against Aerosol Germs
  • Soothes Irritated Airways
  • Neutralises Effects Of Pollution

Breathe Easy Tissue Ingredients: Breathe Easy is an aromatherapy formulation of eight 100% pure essential oils. Using the antibacterial and disinfectant power of these essential oils.

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